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Warface Open Cup LAN Streams

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Dear players!

A grand Warface tournament takes place in Moscow this weekend – Warface Open Cup Season XI LAN Finals. And we are going to stream it in several languages: English, German and Spanish, thanks to our WON members!

IMPORTANT: We will organize a giveaway, and the more people watch the stream, the more generous it will be! Next week we will give you a pin-code for the weapon (it's a secret which one!), and the number of its activations will depend on the number of people watching the streams at the weekend. Join us to get more!

The timetable is as follows (the team names will be updated):

Today's matches

English stream provided by iGS:


German stream provided by dpfaue:


Spanish stream provided by iPenzel:


10:00 CEST – Bez_Pontov vs AG

13:00 CEST – sluper vs ArenaStars

16:00 CEST Grand Final

Friday's matches

English stream was provided by iGS.

German stream was provided by dpfaue

11:00 CEST – Sluper vs h0pe

12:20 CEST – SinePonte vs AG

13:40 CEST – Bez_Pontov vs SuperStars

15:00 CEST – Airborne vs Arenastars

16:20 CEST – Sluper vs Bez_Pontov

17:40 CEST – SinePonte vs ArenaStars

Saturday's matches

English stream was provided by TheSecondOneWF and iGS

German stream was provided by Gamienator:

09:00 CEST - h0pe vs SuperStars

12:00 CEST- AG vs Airborne

15:00 CEST - Sluper vs h0pe

18:00 CEST - SinePonte vs AG

Don’t miss the action!

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