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Operation Maxwell – Mission update

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At this point we are fairly deep into hostile territory and UAV’s have been picking up unusual surges of activity in Blackwood convoys. Intel suggests domestic, highly valuable cargo. The downside is, the enemy employs a broad variety of tactics to disguise their operations, and given their capabilities there’s an estimated total of three days for them to complete the displacement. Deny them the chance and deliver a swift coup de main in key engagements – rest assured your efforts will be amply rewarded.


To summarize, you need to win as many Quick Matches and Ranked Matches as you can to receive the FULL set of Tournament gear for a period of time. The more victories you obtain – the longer you get to keep it for, just refer to the chart below.




10 days


40 days


100 days


And here’s the thing, these stack! As such, when you secure your first victory you get the set for 10 days, and once you get your 26th victory, your items duration is renewed by 40 additional days; and respectively by 100 additional days once you get 51 victory or more.

In other words, you can have the set for a total of 150 days.

The following game modes count towards this event:

  • Plant the Bomb
  • Capture
  • Blitz

The event will be active from 19th of May 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST) up until 22nd of May 12:00 UTC. You will be able to check the event here when it starts!

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