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Ranked Games – new season!

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Dear players!

The 10th season has come to its end and the winners have received their rewards – find them here; and that marks the beginning of the 11th season with readjusted rewards.

Rewards upon the end of the season

These rewards will be distributed once the 11th season is finished. If you manage to get to the top Leagues, you’ll be eligible for the rewards according to your League position on the day the season ends.

  • 1-6 League winners get a random box containing one of the Jade Dragon weapon skins. You are guaranteed to receive one of the Jade Dragon skins upon opening the box.



  • If you finish at League 5 or higher, you will receive one of several random boxes that can give you a chance of obtaining Anubis skin for one of the weapons listed below. Thus, if you are placed at League 5, you will get 1 box with a chance to obtain Python Anubis skin. The higher you are placed, the more various boxes you can receive (up to six). For more information please refer to the chart below.




Other weapon skins for Leagues 1-6
League Jade dragon Python Anubis Viper Anubis SMG-19 Anubis Everest Anubis FY-103 Anubis
1 + + + + + +
2 + + + + +  
3 + + + +    
4 + + +      
5 + +        
6 +          


  • Just like in the previous season, you can get a special achievement starting from League 10.

League Achievement




Rewards for ranking up


Beside the rewards you get once the season is finished, you will also be granted a number of rewards in Warface dollars, crowns and boosters while you progress to the top. Refer to the table below to see how much you get!

League Main reward
Warface dollars Crowns
21 - 15 750 75
14 - 10 1125 113
9 - 5 1500 150
4 - 2 2250 225
1 7500 750
Total 32625 3260
Additional rewards
21 - 14  + 15% 1-day
13 - 7  + 15% 1-day
6 - 1  + 15% 1-day

For those unfamiliar Ranked Matches are available starting at the Rank of 13. Winning moves you up the ladder whereas losing a match takes you a position down. Progressing up the ladder becomes more difficult with increased rank – from two victories at first, to four and so on. However, winning streaks move you up the ranks faster than usual as well.

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