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Reports and rewards

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Dear players!

As a follow-up on the recent article dedicated to MRAC – Warface’s own Anti-Cheat software and its development team united under one name, which addressed the technicalities and inner workings of the security software, this article is aimed to answer your questions as to how one can play their part and take a stand against cheaters.

Albeit an efficient Anti-Cheat system is vital to a competitive game, a large share of overall success doubtlessly depends on rules, moderation and last but far from the least, the community’s involvement.

As for the former two, we are constantly working on improving the rules to identify the problematic players more efficiently – those teaming up with cheaters to reap benefits of their actions; you as an honest player can make a direct contribution, not only improving the game altogether and helping us rid it of cheaters for you, but receiving your own rewards as well.

Cheater premades

Some of the players are eager to take a shortcut and thus they team up with cheaters on purpose, in order to get boosted up in the ladder. Whereas they are aware of the fact their cheating friend’s account is certain to get banned, they are prone to a shared, common misconception that they’ll evade justice. As a matter of fact, we have both the system and human resources dedicated to identifying such potential abusers, and if you are found repeatedly and deliberately grouping up with cheaters, the same fate awaits your account.

If you end up having a cheater in your match, you have nothing to worry about. It is highly helpful if you take a video and report them via Support.

Reporting is rewarding

As explained in the MRAC thread, there is a drastic difference in case processing time between that of an automated system and the support team. And the reasons for that are obvious – whereas the system operates with factual data, the evidence brought up to the support team requires a thorough investigation to ensure the validity of the report. However, at the same time it can help us locate a person trying to work around the Anti-Cheat measures already in place, and thus put an end to it before it even gets known enough.

For legal reasons, we cannot disclose the banned players’ information and thus a notification system would be a violation of this policy. Having said that we have found an alternative solution. Each month the results of every player’s filed in-game reports will be rounded up and the top 20% of those who pass the required threshold of successful reports will be eligible for rewards, ranging from simple gear to special achievements. From our experience, most of the genuine cases of cheating are easy to report and prove; and there is little room for so-called “benefit of the doubt” – it’s easy to determine one’s guilt or innocence. So as a result, provided that you do not misuse the system and file reports left and right absent reason, you will be able to enjoy the additional rewards at the recount following the start of every month.

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