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New Intel on Icebreaker

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A new special operation is coming. We’re going to share some tactical schematics of completion stages and new opponent descriptions.

Completion Stages

Beating Icebreaker is not going to be easy. But solid preparations and a good team are the key to success in almost any endeavor. Study the area, prepare the right equipment and head into battle..

Here we have the tactical schematics for all completion stages of Icebreaker. You can find useful information about the area: movement direction, important points on the map and more.

New Opponents

We’d also like to tell you more about the new types of enemies you’ll encounter in battle.

Missile Ship An enemy naval vessel that attacks the area. Destroyed with the help of homing RPGs.
Cobra, Centipede and more Automated turrets that land from the air in a capsule. Easily destroyed in flight, extremely dangerous after deployment. A volley lands three or more turrets at once.
Mk II Helicopter The new experimental Blackwood helicopter armed with a powerful gun. Destroyed with the help of homing RPGs.
Elite Sniper A Blackwood sniper, with special training and especially powerful rifles. His shot can knock the target down. This enemy can be easily identified by the use of a green target indicator.
Operative/Enforcer A Blackwood trooper armed with a pistol and an ice pick. Works at a short range, can enter hand-to-hand combat.

Soldiers should also be wary of minefields located in open areas. Mines can easily be identified by the red indicator on the ground and their characteristic sound. The explosion timer starts when a player moves nearby. They can also be destroyed immediately with an aimed shot.

We hope that this information will be useful to you while you prepare for the operation. Don’t let us down, soldiers!

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