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Season "Spirits": Change Log

New Content

Content Changes

PvE Rework

The PvE system has undergone some changes, which include seasonality, a grade system, a special PvE shop and changes to rewards, as well as a readjustment of PvE missions and special operations. Read more in the dedicated article.

Early Game Gear

We've updated the starter items so that new players can kick off their gaming experience more smoothly. Now, new players will get the "Graphite" gear from the get go, either already equipped right when they create a character or sent into their inventories. The starting weapon for each class will also change.

Furthermore, the rewards for completing the training missions have also been changed. The players will now receive boosters and mod parts.

In-game Shop

The in-game shop has been upgraded. Not only did we improve its performance by updating the engine that runs it, but we've also actualized its interface to accommodate new features!

The "Try out" feature

The "Try out" feature does what it says – it allows you to try a weapon out on the shooting range before buying it. You can even test weapons in random boxes and bundles!

Improved search

You can now search through the shop. There are two search options available: local and global. Local search allows you to look for items in a category (like a camo series or boxes), and the global search rakes through the entire shop, including inside the boxes, for example, if you need to find a particular weapon.


The showcase now functions similar to the old "Best" section. There you can find the latest and most popular offers. Furthermore, you can now also find showcase items in the shop as well!


Now, if an item is sold for both Kredits and Crowns, it is visible in the shop interface, and you don't need to click on the item or switch the currency filter. The currency filter itself has been removed.

Other changes

  • "All classes" filter;
  • 9 visible items instead of 6;
  • Mastery and mod info;
  • You can now see, what skins are available for a chosen weapon;
  • Random box drop chance.

Player Movement Speed Limit

There's now a limit cap on the maximum player speed. Previously, when a player used boosters or items with movement speed perks, the speed could become hard to control and cause technical issues (a player could reach the enemy base before the players on the opposing team could spawn in, or the cumulative speed was so great that players found it difficult to aim). The limit holds true regardless of the player's gear, and is different for regular movement and for sprinting.


The in-game pop-ups have been updated to match the new UI design, such as custom room invites, exit window, the log-in bonus window, and a few others. You can now also close them by pressing either Space or Esc, if the Space button isn't bound to any other action.

Old Weapons to Mod

Several weapon models have been added to the mod system: IWI Carmel, Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12, Gilboa Snake DBR, and DLV-10 M2.

Weapons and Gear

  • PKM Zenith:
    • The reloading is now divided into phases: because the weapon takes a while to reload. The player can now start the reloading process, switch to a secondary weapon, then pick the gun up again. It'll continue reloading from where it was interrupted. If the player used an ammo box with an instant reload perk, the weapon will automatically be reloaded after switching to a secondary weapon and be ready to use.
  • Primary weapons can now also be passively upgraded (this feature used to only be available for pistols).
  • The RPM values are now rounded to hundredths, if the RPM of a weapon is below 100, and to full numbers if it exceeds it.
  • Smoke and Flash grenades can now be acquired through player progression by reaching certain levels.


  • Contracts: the interface and the sorting logic have been improved.
  • Improved brightness settings.
  • The mini-achievement icons have been updated.
  • Added a hint that you can press Esc to leave the lobby.
  • The in-game sound loudness can now be adjusted for the minimized game client.
  • Added a window showing the rewards in the boxes acquired through completing a contract.
  • The lobby music theme has been replaced with a seasonal one.
  • Improved the "Challenges" tab optimization.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and Gear

  • Glacier Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle, Guardian Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle: fixed a bug, due to which the characteristics of the silencer differed between the skinned and the regular versions.
  • Golden Kel Tec RDB-C: fixed a bug, due to which the rifle dealt +250% damage against cyborgs, instead of +100%.
  • Grenades: fixed some visual issues.
  • Sticky Grenade: fixed a bug, due to which the item names of the Sticky Grenade and the Sticky Grenade II were swapped.
  • SED jumper: fixed a bug, due to which SED jumpers wouldn't damage shield bearing enemies.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which some weapons had broken animations when the aim button was pressed multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which pressing the aim switch and the weapon switch buttons together while aiming would sometimes cause the camera to behave incorrectly.

PvE and SpecOps

  • Rifleman and Sniper Training missions: fixed a bug that prevented the player from finishing the mission after picking up a rocket launcher.
  • "Sunrise": fixed a bug, due to which, at certain points in the mission, the sound wasn't played out correctly.
  • "Rift: Infiltration": fixed an out-of-bounds slip through.


  • "Ruins": fixed a bug, due to which the player could go out of the map bounds.
  • "Port": fixed some issues that lead to decreased performance.


  • Fixed a bug, due to which notifications kept appearing even after clearing up the notification list.
  • Fixed a visual bug on the reward screen.
  • Updated localization: fixed some inconsistencies of in-game and item descriptions, added missing localizations.
  • Shooting Range: fixed a bug, due to which the sniper's icon wasn't placed correctly against a wall.

Known Issues


  • The FPS sometimes drops when using smoke grenades.

Weapons and Gear

  • Smoke grenades:
    • sometimes the smoke effect disappears or doesn’t work as intended;
    • players using adaptive graphics settings might experience visual issues with the smoke effect.


  • Sometimes the pop-up notification about the new brightness settings doesn’t show up.
  • Incorrect localization and item icons in the shop.

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