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Status of known issues

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Thank you for providing your feedback and reports regarding the issues that arose after yesterday’s update, as well as the problem with the “Guns&Dragons” offer. We’ve forwarded it to the team and are currently working on delivering solutions with the highest priority. Thank you for your support and reports!
To help us identify the root causes and provide fixes more efficiently, please bring your reports to the support. The specialists in the support team will process your reports, gather information and forward it to the devs team to investigate and fix the issues.


  • The PvE part of the “Egg Hunt” event not working correctly.
Please note: the rewards for Special Operations are granted on a weekly basis. If you have already completed a SpecOp before the reboot, it won’t give you Crowns, XP or event currency. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll consider a way to make up for it.

Known Issues

We’re currently preparing a hotfix for the following issues: 
  • No rewards or XP being earned in Quick Play PvP.
  • No progress being counted towards Ranked Matches, alongside no RP being issued.
  • No rewards being earned for completing Special Operations.
  • The 3PC issue.


To thank you for your support and patience, we will be issuing compensation in the upcoming days! We’ll share the information regarding its compositions in a separate publication in the near future, please keep an eye on our news.


Due to issues that occurred after the mini-game's launch, players haven’t received bonus Kredits from it. We apologize for the inconvenience, the offer now is working as intended. The bonus Kredits will be issued to those who did not receive them next week. Thank you for your patience! 
We will keep you updated on the status of the current issues!

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