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"Heat" Event Now in Game

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If you're tired of the cold, gray and frost, then it's time to bring some Heat to the battlefield! Join the second winter event, tough it out in the "Gun Game" mode and take the brand-new device and weapon series out for a spin.

PvP mode "Team Gun Game"

Just like in the previous events with this mode, you'll have to go through a chain of weapon models and score the maximum number of team points for eliminating opponents. The maps of the mode still have the signature dynamic respawn points, to ensure that after death, your character respawns in a random place near allies and is invulnerable for a short time.

In this mode, everyone is on equal footing. All players have the same equipment, go through the same chain of weapons and start with the same guns. You need to make two eliminations to move to a new stage and to automatically get a new weapon.

Who wins?

The battle comes to a close when a team scores 200 points. The fight can also end after the timer runs out, if 200 points are not scored. In that case, the team with the most scored points takes the win.

PvE part of the event

For those who prefer to share their spoils of victory with a team, we've got just the option for you! Take part in the event by completing Special Operations "Villa Valhalla", "Icebreaker", "Hydra" and "Swarm". The event currency is granted only for the first successful mission completion once a week.

Armor Supply

A new device for the Engineer called "Armor Supply" has been supplied to the game!

The Armor Supply box will provide great support and allow for some tactical advantage.

This armor replenishing device can be used solo by the player installing it in PvP or shared with teammates in PvE. Just place the box on any horizontal surface, interact with the device and restore a hefty 70% of armor points at once! The device has a generous area of use, so you definitely won't miss it. With mods, you can speed up regeneration time and get additional bonuses:

  • Restores more armor points.
  • Regenerates armor for a few seconds.
  • Increased equipment and placement speed
  • +2 "Armor Supply" boxes.

Create your own battlefield advantage!

Event Screen

On the event screen, you'll see a progress bar with three check-points. A new check-point will unlock once enough event points have scored. You can contribute and score points by completing the event contracts!

Once your progress reaches a check-point, you'll get a thematic reward:

  • North Pole Karambit for 1,000 event points,
  • Polar Carbine Charm for 2,500 event points,
  • North Pole Mauser C96 Custom for 5,000 event points.

Event showcase with a progress bar

Just like in the previous winter event, "Heat" offers a showcase with a reward progress bar.

Each refresh activation adds to the progress bar. When 100% of the bar is reached, you'll get an exclusive offer to choose one of four valuable items as a present. After making your choice, the other items become unavailable, the progress bar resets, and you can fill it up again and reach a new offer. The amount of offers is unlimited. The items for special offers are chosen randomly and may repeat.

What are the event rewards?

Among the event rewards, you'll find weapons from the new "Frostbound" and "North Pole" series! The "North Pole" weapons will be among the event showcase rewards, so get ready to rake in those points! The Black Market will offer the Armor Supply device, as well as weapon charms and skins.

"Frostbound" series

Wrapped in a seamless camo cloak, each weapon bears the scars of countless battles, while the skull decals assure enemies of their inevitable fate. These weapons are a silent force ready to deal out pain worse than frostbite! The series includes the PA Garibaldi 12GA, PP-2011 Kedr-Para, Sabatti STR and the HK433.

Frostbound HK433
Frostbound PA Garibaldi 12GA
Frostbound PP-2011 Kedr-Para
Frostbound Sabatti STR
Arctic Carbine Charm

"North Pole" series

Set foot where ice-cold precision meets the unyielding grip of warfare. Brace yourself for the chilling embrace of the North Pole! The series includes the Mauser C96 Custom and Karambit.

North Pole Mauser C96 Custom
North Pole Karambit
Polar Carbine Charm

Event contracts

Fire up your spirits and ignite the fury within!

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