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Take Part in the Holiday Market!

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Celebrate winter holidays in our Holiday Market! Take part in social media activities to get tons of in-game gifts and more. You're in for 30 days of celebration with simple tasks, mini-games, an internal shop, as well as other cool thematic activities!

The "Tickets" will expire at 09:00 UTC on January 23. Don't forget to spend them in the promo page shop before the event is over.

To the Market!

About the Holiday Market

Just like any fair, our market has many different shopkeepers. Each of them has simple tasks for you to complete. By taking part in the activities, you will receive festive gifts and "Tickets". To complete a task, you need click on the "Take part" button and fulfill the condition specified in the description. The tasks are very easy: like, subscribe to newsletters, take part in a competition, etc. We are sure that you will cope with them without any problems!

Please note: in order to receive a reward, you need to complete all the tasks that the shopkeeper offers. Tasks open at about 13:00 UTC every other day or every day. Follow the promo page so you don't miss a new activity!

Regarding "Tickets"

"Tickets" is a universal currency of our Holiday Market promo page. With them, you can buy any item you like in the promo page shop, and we have a lot of them: Christmas items, cool guns from the "Snowstorm" series, a unique "Fire Hazard" stripe (yes, you have a chance to become the first owner of this achievement), Gingerbread Gun and a permanent golden Micro-Roni CAA!

How can I get "Tickets"?

  • Complete shopkeepers' tasks on the promo page. For each task/a pair of tasks, you will receive one "Ticket".
  • Check in on the promo page daily. For every 5 check-ins, you will receive three "Tickets". If you miss a day, the progress will not be reset. But we recommend visiting the promo page every day to collect as many gifts as possible.
  • Very soon, once every three days, a mini-game will appear when you enter the promo page. Upon successful completion of the game, you will receive an additional "Ticket". Failed the first time? No problem! The number of attempts isn't limited.

The "Tickets" will expire at 09:00 UTC on January 23. Don't forget to spend them in the promo page shop before the event is over.

To the Market!

Happy holidays! 

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