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Blackwood Battle Pass Changes

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The new week of quests is already available in "Blackwood" Battle Pass. Since the release of the event we have analysed it and decided to improve certain aspects. We hope you will appreciate the tweaks to gear crafting, specializations and personal crates.


  • Now once you unlock "Smooth Operator" skill in the "Tech" specialization, you will need from 30 to 300 resources to craft permanent equipment items (used to be from 45 to 450).
  • A smaller increase in energy consumption for the specialization "Marauder" once you unlock "Forager" skill. Now you will need 30 energy points for a simple operation (used to be 40), and 45 energy points for a difficult operation (used to be 50).
  • Once you unlock "Second Breath" skill in the "Fighter" specialization, you will gain 30 energy points (used to be 10) for the "Operations" tab as an extra reward for daily quests.

We hope that after the modifications the Battle Pass will be even more enjoyable and fun.

Valuable rewards are waiting

Take active part in the Battle Pass: do tasks, level up and get well-deserved rewards! Learn more about each section from the dedicated articles:

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