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Soon in game: “Nuclear” and “Radiance” weapon series

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The coming update will feature two new weapon series: “Nuclear” and “Radiance”. Both series have unique appearances based on nuclear radiation and an epic Christmas reindeer respectively.

“Nuclear” weapon series

This mind-blowing series includes the following weapons: LMG Kapow, CV-12, CCR Honey Badger, Richmond S22 SAS, R1911D1 and Tactical Axe. You will be able obtain “Nuclear” weapons and skins by completing special operation “Pripyat”. Killing foes with the “Nuclear” set will help you to unlock themed stripes!

“Pripyat” rewards


  • Easy – “Nuclear” Tactical Axe (for 6 hours)
  • Normal – “Nuclear” R1911D1 pistol (for 1 day)
  • Hard – “Nuclear” primary weapons: LMG Kapow, CV-12, CCR Honey Badger, Richmond S22 SAS (for 2 days)

Random – 2-item bundle:

  1. “Nuclear” skin (permanently)
  • Easy – “Nuclear” skin for Tactical Axe
  • Normal – “Nuclear” skin for R1911D1 pistol
  • Hard – “Nuclear” skin for one of the primary weapons: LMG Kapow, CV-12, CCR Honey Badger, Richmond S22 SAS
  1. A weapon for the dropped skin (for 1 day)

“Nuclear” LMG Kapow   

LMG Kapow "Nuclear"

Eliminate 15000 enemies with LMG Kapow "Nuclear".

“Nuclear” CV-12

CV-12 "Nuclear"

Eliminate 15000 enemies with CV-12 "Nuclear".

“Nuclear” CCR Honey Badger

CCR Honey Badger "Nuclear"

Eliminate 15000 enemies with CCR Honey Badger "Nuclear".

“Nuclear” Richmond S22 SAS

Richmond S22 SAS "Nuclear"

Eliminate 15000 enemies with Richmond S22 SAS "Nuclear".

“Nuclear” R1911D1

R1911D1 "Nuclear"

Eliminate 15000 enemies with R1911D1 "Nuclear".

“Nuclear” Tactical Axe

Tactical Axe "Nuclear"

Eliminate 15000 enemies with Tactical Axe "Nuclear".

Radianceweapon series

Celebrate this Christmas with breath-taking “Radiance” series consisting of: Fazil UE3, Fararm W.S.S.10, TT-3000, S60B3 and Abada 266mm. Unlock themed achievements by disposing of enemies with “Radiance”!

Fazil UE3 "Radiance"

Fazil UE3 "Radiance"

Eliminate 10000 enemies with Fazil UE3 "Radiance".

Fararm W.S.S.10 "Radiance"

Fararm W.S.S.10 "Radiance"

Eliminate 10000 enemies with Fararm W.S.S.10 "Radiance".

TT-3000 "Radiance"

TT-3000 "Radiance"

Eliminate 10000 enemies with TT-3000 "Radiance".

S60B3 "Radiance"

S60B3 "Radiance"

Eliminate 10000 enemies with S60B3 "Radiance" Camo.

Abada 266mm "Radiance"

Abada 266mm "Radiance"

Eliminate 10000 enemies with Abada 266mm "Radiance".

One update – two weapon series. Have a radioactive celebration!

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