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Soon in game: special operation “Pripyat”

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The coming update will feature a long-awaited “Pripyat” special operation. This operation will be the largest and most epic in the history of Warface. Our game developers have carefully reconstructed one of the most famous abandoned cities in the world. Brand new enemies, unexpected danger and unpredictable plot twists await for your arrival!

Special operation “Pripyat”

Despite repeated failures Blackwood keeps trying to create super soldiers. Bunkers and an enormous tower were constructed in Pripyat and as the rumor goes - human experimentation takes place there. But what is the true purpose of these facilities and what hidden menace stalks the streets of the forbidden town?

Just a mention of Chernobyl catastrophe chills the hearts of most stoic veterans. Yet Warface soldiers will have to enter the nightmarish ruins and explore Pripyat mysteries. Are you brave enough to descend into the abyss?

Chernobyl zone harbors many dangers but the new Blackwood technologies will make your path all the deadlier. Work as a team – loners won’t survive! Make your way through the abandoned ruins of once prosperous town, survive the darkness of Blackwood labs and climb to the top of mysterious bastion.

New enemies

Another page of conflict between Warface and Blackwood will unfold before your eyes. Face brand new enemies that will provide truly special battle experience:

  • Infected. ?yborg workers of the previous generation. Impotent in battle, thus used for manual labor.
  • SED. A new dangerous enemy protected from all but melee attacks. Deals most damage from distance and devastates everything in the surrounding area.
  • APC-3000. Blackwood war machine with powerful equipment on board.
  • Turrets. Now with an almost impenetrable energy shield.
  • Medusa. A hovering drone. Its weak spots are covered by armored plates. Equipped with a powerful machine gun.

 The special operation will culminate in the fight against a monstrous enemy with unique defenses. Only coordinated teamwork allows for the launch of a successful attack!


 “Pripyat” may yield weapons from the new “Nuclear” series:

Richmond S22 SAS

CCR Honey Badger

LMG Kapow

Tactical Axe



Killing foes with “Nuclear” weapons is rewarded with unique stripes. On top of that, the weapons have a special glowing effect that will help you to stand out. We will tell you more about new weapons and achievements in a separate article.


Persistent explorers of Pripyat will be able to get 20 themed achievements with 8 of them being secret. To unlock them all you will have to not only annihilate thousands of enemies but also use your deduction!

Ground Zero

Make 333 triple headshots in "Pripyat".


Restore 5000 HP to your teammates in "Pripyat".


Destroy 5 APCs in "Pripyat".

Mantis Down

Eliminate the Mantis in "Pripyat" on Hard.

Rifleman Stalker

Complete the Pripyat mission as a Rifleman on Hard.

Medic Stalker

Complete the Pripyat mission as a Medic on Hard.

Engineer Stalker

Complete the Pripyat mission as an Engineer on Hard.

Sniper Stalker

Complete the Pripyat mission as a Sniper on Hard.

Gamma Ray

Get 222 "perforating wound" kills in "Pripyat".

Dirty Gold

Eliminate 5000 enemies in "Pripyat" using golden weapons.

Elite Stalker

Complete the Pripyat mission on Hard without being killed.

SED Exterminator

Kill 20 SED enemies in "Pripyat" on Hard.

Secret Achievements

Nobody knows how to achieve them.

Quackressing fire


Duck in the grass

Duck and cover

Center of the Zone

Happiness for everybody

The Golden Ball

Dead ringer

Blackwood activity in Chernobyl may lead to yet another ecological crisis. The grasp of the organization spreads far and wide, while the tread on cry out in despair.

Stop Blackwood by any means necessary!

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