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New site announced

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Dear players!

In advance of the arrival of the next major updates and primarily the Atlas of War, we’ll be rolling out a new, more optimized site.

The goal is to introduce an altogether more secure and advanced platform with user-friendly interface to cover every feature and extension of the game.

Let’s have a brief walkthrough of the features, the revised and new ones alike.


As you can see we’ve retained the tab bar right underneath the main banner, giving you straight access to “News” through “Wiki” – that hasn’t admittedly changed much. The content of two opening tabs – “Game” and “Community” respectively – has been optimized to reflect most up-to-date data.

What’s that thing at the top? Yup, you’ve got it right – “My items” is a separate inventory for the site where you can receive items from activated promotions, codes, participating in events, and choose whether you head to the Marketplace with them or send them to your character in-game.

Continuing on, the right-hand side will be rich with the most viral and trending videos – those submitted by the community and the team alike: be it guides, news announcements or just artistic videos.

Overall, we aim to simplify the process of browsing our site and to make it easy to navigate to key pages, easy to access key functions. Hope you’ll like it as well!

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