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Extra Kredits Special Offer

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A good time to replenish your supplies: Extra Kredits weekend!
Walk away with a significant bonus when you buy any Kredits Pack! You’ll get 15% more Kredits* for the same price. This offer lasts until 8:59 PM UTC Monday, February 13th. 
If you've been thinking about filling your wallet with Kredits, don't miss this offer!  Stock up and enjoy your bonus. All you have to worry about is what to spend it on!
Just click on “Buy K" in the game** or find the 'Kredits Shop' button on to go to the store and take advantage of this special offer!
Offer lasts from 09:00 AM 10/02/2017 to 8:59 PM 13/02/2017 - UTC times.
*The price of the Kredit pack might slightly differ depending on your currency and payment method.
**Availiable to users that enter the game via launcher. 
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