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New Seasonal In-Game Activities

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If you thought that destroying one lab was going to take down the Nakai Group, you couldn't be more mistaken. All lab operations are in order and there are still secrets yet to be discovered. In this article, we’ll unveil which activities you’ll be able to participate in during the season, and what rewards await those intrepid enough to delve deeper. Just select the section that you want to learn more about, and unlock the mysteries within.

Battle Pass
Ranked Matches

We hope you have your hazmat suit on the ready, because this Battle Pass season is not FDA approved. Get ready for some seal extermination with the “Genetics” series!

And as per usual, you can get the basic BP access for 25,000 WF$!

The "Secret Lab" Battle Pass will be active until May 16th, 2024.

The Battle Pass offers several types of rewards:

  • for the main progression (camos, weapon charms, permanent secondary weapons and achievements);
  • for the additional progression (BP coins);
  • for daily and class-specific contracts (a seasonal weapon box for the former, and BP coins and a cool class achievement for the latter);
  • weapons and parts in the seasonal shop line-up.

More about the Rewards

This season, the Battle Pass is hiding a powerful secret. Inside you will find the "Genetics" weapon series, thematic charms, as well as achievements. This series is like an unstable science experiment ready to blow, will you be able to contain its power?

Series "Genetics"

The "Genetics" series’ design will definitely tell you everything you need to know about the season. The design throughout each model is a nod to dangerous experimentation, and the scrappy look adds to the feeling that these weapons were made by a crazed scientist. In it, you’ll find the STK CMCR, PA Garibaldi 12GA, Magpul PDR-C, Sabatti STR, Makarov Pistol, Taurus Raging Hunter, Balisong Knife and the Metal Bat. This season, the series also offers unique device skins for the Medkit, Basic Armor Kit, Anti-Personnel Mine, Adrenaline, Grenade, Gas Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Molotov and Throwing Tomahawk.

This season's shop line-up offers two types of rewards: parts that you can get of up to 10,000 pcs., and four excellent guns with mod slots from the "Genetics" series: STK CMCR, PA Garibaldi 12GA, Magpul PDR-C and the Sabatti STR sniper rifle.

Both temporary and permanent weapon versions can be obtained with coins in the shop. Parts are sold in batches.

To get permanent weapons, you would need to consequently purchase the preceding temporary versions: the ones for 3, 5, 7, and 9 days.

The "Secret Lab" prestige season will be active until June 13th, 2024.

Prestige levels are additional levels (from the 101st to the 1000th) in the progression system that you can unlock as long as the seasonal activity is on. Progressing through the prestige levels is the same as with regular levels: you play and gain XP for every battle. The only difference is that prestige levels require more XP and are reset each season.

Changes that took place this season:

  • The list of level rewards has been updated: it now features the golden versions of the K&M Arms M17, Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, KH9-EX and Truvelo CMS 20x42mm.

UPD: The "Secret Lab" Ranked Matches season will be active until the start of the new season.

Changes that took place this season:

  • New thematic progression charms and achievements are now available for advancing through the leagues!
  • The seasonal shop now offers new items, including the exclusive “Containment” weapon series, the Crossfit suit and thematic charms and achievements.

Quick reminder: the ranked currency for the seasonal shop does not expire and will be transferred to the next season.

As part of the new season, we’ve improved a number of special operations and their difficulty levels: "Heist," "Anubis," "Operation Blackwood," and "Villa Valhalla." In addition, you will once again have access to cumulative rewards for completing Special Operations. Another feature of the new season will be the weekly rotations of Special Operations at the "Hard" difficulty level.

Changes that took place this season:

  • Villa Valhalla: the difficulty has been reduced at all levels except "Hard", unique achievements for completing the SO have been added, a number of technical issues have been addressed.
  • The PvE shop now offers new items, including the exclusive “Biohazard” weapon camo series, devices and parts.

Have a good game!

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