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Special Sets: Offer Conditions

Special sets — is an offer, in which you regularly (usually daily) purchase sets of items on the top-up page, accumulate a chain of purchases and receive gifts for fulfilling additional conditions. The price of the sets is fixed and does not change throughout the offer.

Offer Page

How to participate?

  • Log into your desired account.
  • Wait for the offer to start and for the information about in to appear in the "News" section of the website.
  • Check the offer page and the "Sets" tab to make sure that the offer is active.
  • Regularly purchase sets while the offer is active. As a rule, this is a "once a day" purchase, but there may be other conditions — be sure to thoroughly read the details.
  • Make sure that you are completing the correct steps, as the conditions for each offer may vary from launch to launch. Relevant offer conditions will be displayed on the offer page or in the respective article.
  • The offer timer updates at 21:00:01 UTC (22:00:01 CET).
  • Other offers (such as bonuses or discounts) do not apply to the purchase.
  • Purchasing the set can be counted in other offers (e.g., in the cashback offer). This will be indicated in the offer launch articles that follow this condition.
  • If you have received a reward of your choice for a certain amount of purchases — collect the item manually before you complete the offer. Otherwise, the gift will expire, and the opportunity to collect the reward will not be carried over to the next launch.
  • All rewards received in the offer are transferred to your Inventory on the "Services" section of the website. Kredits are credited directly to your game account.

More about the offer conditions

  • If your account meets the conditions, you will see the information about the offer in the "Sets" tab on the top-up page.
  • For a certain number of purchases, the player can choose one reward from the list of additional rewards.
  • The additional reward can only be received once.
  • You will not be able to sell the rewards from this offer on the Marketplace.
  • The number of purchases can be limited. Carefully read over terms and conditions of the offer in the article or on the set page.
  • You can track your progress on the offer page. It can take up to an hour for the data on the counter to be refreshed. During nighttime, it can take up to 6 hours.