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Gifts for topping up: Offer Conditions

Gifts for topping up is an offer in which, after making topping up for fixed amounts on the top up page, you can receive in-game items as a gift.

Offer Page

How to participate?

  • Log into your desired account.
  • Wait for the offer to start and for the information about in to appear in the "News" section of the website.
  • Go to the top-up page.
  • You will see a special promotional offer beside the top-up amount, if the offer has started and your account meets its conditions.
  • Top up your account while the offer is active. The gift will appear in your Inventory in the "Services" section of the website.

More about the offer conditions

  • If your account meets the offer conditions, you will see the information about the special offer on the top up page in the box with the Kredit packs that are part of the offer.
  • The gifts can be received only when paying on a special page and only for the fixed amounts stated in the offer conditions. You will find accurate information about the gifts in the dedicated article during the offer launch or on the top up page.
  • The bonus for each set of Kredits is issued only once during the offer.