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Warface Anniversary: FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will a new task appear on the promo page?
A: A new task will become available daily at 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST) from October,18 till October, 31.

Q: How many tasks can I complete simultaneously?
A: You will start from the first mission and will be able to complete only one task. For example, if you join the event on the 22nd of October, there will be 5 tasks available in the photo album; however, you will be able to do only the first one. Once the first task is completed, you will proceed with the second and the third ones and so on until you finish them all.

Q: I lack time to complete all the tasks. What can I do?
A: Don't worry! The last task will become available on the promo page on the 31st of October while the event will be live till the 4th of November. So you will have more time for mission completion.

Q: Can I skip tasks?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Is it necessary to press the button "Activate the mission" or can I start it straight away?
A: Yes, it is necessary. Otherwise, the progress will not count.

Q: I have completed the task but it did not count. Why?
A: It can take some time for the progress to get registered. Please, wait a bit.

Q: The task is completed but I have not received the reward. Why?
A: Upon mission completion the reward is transferred to "My items".

Q: How can I get festive achievements?
A: Every completed task will yield an achievement starting from a distinction with the digit one. For example, after finishing the first mission you will get a stripe with the digit 1 on it, the second mission — with the digit 2, the third — 3 and so on. The more missions you complete, the more stripes you will get. Please note that you can receive the maximum of six achievements.

Q: In what rooms can I complete tasks?
A: Only "Quick Play" or private rooms will count for PvE-missions and only "Quick Play" and Ranked Matches (if the mode fits the conditions) — for PvP-missions.