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"New Power" Season: Full Change Log


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New Content

Mods 2.0

In one of the previous publications we have talked about the changes to the mod system. Among the key changes are: mods are now unlocked for the time you have spent in the match, there are now new customisation bonuses for the accumulated progress, the upgrade system became easier to use, and the assortment of modifiable weapons has been expanded with new models. 

We are happy to announce that the updated mod system is already live in the game. Familiarise yourself with it, try out different builds on different weapons and find the best mod set for you! The "Spectre" gear is now also unlocked via a linear progression: the mods become available uppon reaching a certain level. So far, there are no further changes to the gear.

With this update, mods will become available for some older models: the AK-47, Fabarm P.S.S.10, Veresk SR-2 and the Desert Eagle. In future, it will be possible to install mods on the Remington 870 RAS and the M40A5.

To interact with mods on the items you need to play one Match.

Some mods might completely disappear or be incorrectly transferred to the new system due to technical reasons. If you had them equipped before, they will be deleted. A fixed amount of the currency spent on getting them will be compensated depending on the mod rarity.

My mods disappeared. Why?

By upgrading to a new mod system, some of the mods will be automatically converted to new mods. Mods that cannot be transferred will either remain in the inventory (they might not always work), or disappear. After a little while we will delete them and compensate you with parts to upgrade the new mods. We will also take away the disfunctional mods so you do not get confused.

The process of switching the systems is not an easy one and will take several steps to finish. We are sorry for any inconveniences. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

New Seasonal Activities

The new Ranked matches, Battle Pass and Prestige seasons have started in the game. You have plenty of time to become the greatest fighters of our time and gather a whole bunch of excellent rewards. If you want to learn more, click on the section you are interested in and read on.

Battle passRanked matchesPrestige


The Molotov is already in Warface! After the explosion, the fire covers a small area for several seconds while the enemy caught in it endures repeating damage. The Molotov is equipped into the same slot as the frag grenades — you can equip either a frag grenade or the novelty when getting ready for battle.

The Molotov is currently not allowed to use in Ranked matches. We will monitor your feedback about the novelty and will make a decision about its inclusion later.

"Graphite" Gear Set

A little while back, we decided to return the classical class-specific roles within the game. The first step was the appearance of the "Rock Solid" gear in the spring season. Thanks to it, we managed to establish the Sniper as the most efficient fighter at long distances, who is able to support the team through scouting and provide extra fire power. At the same time, the Rifleman got the role of the main advancing unit that fights at mid and long ranges. We like the idea of the classical archetypes, where the Medic and the Engineer are supporting classes that help their teammates first and foremost, whose fighting efficiency depends on the range (short and middle, respectively), whereas Riflemen and Snipers control the rest of the playing field.

This idea shaped the basis for the new "Graphite" gear set, in which we tried to account for the particularities of each class and allow them the full range of motion within their specialties. 

For example, the new gear set offers excellent protection against bullets and explosions, but it significantly reduces health and armor regeneration. This will increase the value of Medics and Engineers on the battlefield and will up the demand for their skills — to restore health and armor points.
The protection rates of the class sets are practically the same (except for the Rifleman, who received 5 extra armor points). The new gear sets have good bonuses for each class: Riflemen get a reduced recoil, Medics — increased sprinting speed as well as sliding distance, Engineers will enjoy landmine activation delay and a bonus to finding them, Snipers — an increase in the weapon switch speed. 
According to our expectations, all this will help create a situation on the battlefield where each class can contribute to the overall success. And the players will get more room to try interesting tactics and team compositions.

"Neutron" and "Quantum" Series

In this season of the battle pass you will find two weapon series executed in a military style.

The "Neutron" series includes: K&M Arms M17, AK-47, V3 TAC-13, Fabarm P.S.S.10, KH9-EX, SR-2 Veresk, AWP, Mauser Kar98k, H&K VP9 Match, Desert Eagle and the Hunting knife.

In the "Quantum" series, you can find the AN-94 Abakan, Kel-Tec KS7, PP-19-01 Vityaz, SV-98, buckled Lupara and a Stun baton.

Charms and Achievements

A set of charms and achievements dedicated to the new Battle Pass season has appeared in the game. Decorate your favourite guns and your profiles with them! You can get the new customisation items once you unlock certain BP levels.

New Achievements

New Charms

Power Unit A

Power Unit B

Power Unit C

Power Unit D

Power Unit E

"Aviator" Series

A new weapon series is now available in the game. It is painted in military-style camo colours, the frames are adorned with drawings and stickers in a retro style that will remind you of the best decades of the past century. The series includes the VEPR VPO-X3 and the Desert Tech MDRX.

"Bulwark" Map

The intelligence has discovered a mysterious "Labyrinth" bunker in the forest. The fighters will have to go to the base and find out, what is the "Labyrinth" up to?

The map offers plenty of great spots for all classes — narrow corridors for Medics; Riflemen and Engineers can fight at mid distances, and Snipers will get an excellent view from long distance spots.

The map is currently only available in custom rooms. It will appear in Quick Play a little later.

Content Changes

Reworked "Motel" Map

In the "New power" season, you will find a rewoked version of the beloved map for the "Free for All" mode — "Motel"! We have conciderably changed the looks of the map and made it more modern. Besides, the geometry has also been improved. 

Model Characteristics

IMBEL IA2 Assault

After the changes in the previous updates, the Imbel IA2 Assault remained an overpowered weapon thanks to the underbarrel grenade launcher. Although its projectile became slower, players continued to fight in the same way — to shoot a grenade and immediately finish off the enemy with a shot from the hip.

In this update, we have further reduced the grenade damage and the hip fire accuracy. Now, you will need at least 2 hits to kill an opponent in good gear. This should prevent instant kills through a combination of a grenade plus a hip-shot and make playing against users with the IMBEL IA2 Assault more comfortable. 


We have significantly improved the base damage multipliers. Thanks to these changes and a possibility to equip mods, the efficiency of this gun will rise and make it a worthy competitor in comparison with the latest Rifleman weapon models.

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

The weapon used to be too powerful at longer distances (compared to other medics' weapons) and allowed to compete almost equally with riflemen and engineers at mid-range. At the same time, the player could not eliminate the enemy up close with a single shot. The characteristics of the model were changed: it is more effective at a short distance and gets a bigger damage reduction at longer distances.


We have increased the base damage and reduced the amount of pellets, which will make the shotgun more effective at a close range.

V3 TAC-13

The amount of pellets has been changed and the general damage has been considerably increased (up to 768). This change increased the chances of one-shotting enemies from a short distance and brought the shotgun closer to its competitor, the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3.

SAR 109T Specs

The SAR 109T Specs is a very powerful weapon that allows its owner to feel comfortable even at a range exceeding the usual effective distance for an Engineer. This did not suit the class archetype; that is why some of the specs have been reworked. We have increased the rate of fire, reduced the damage penalty from the unique silencer, and increased the head damage. This has been balanced out by a reduction in efficiency at longer distances and the SAR 109T Specs will now lose firing damage over distance faster.

Buckled Lupara

The amount of pellets has been decreased and the overall damage increased to 603. This will increase the chances of one-shotting the enemy at a short distance.


We have increased the head damage multipliers of some weapons to preserve the possibility to one-shot enemies equipped with the latest gear.

More on the changes

AK-15 Custom, M4A1 Custom, KAC PDW, OTs-14 Groza, IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle, Mateba Autorevolver:

  • increased head damage multiplier (from 5 to 6).


  • increased damage multipliers (from 5/1/0.8/0.7 to 6/1/1/1 head/body/arms/legs).


  • increased damage (from 87 to 90);
  • increased head damage multiplier (from 5 to 6).

IMBEL IA2 Assault:

  • reduced the under-barrel grenade launcher damage (from 395 to 335);
  • reduced the hip fire accuracy (from 17 to 15);
  • reduced shaking of the sight when receiving damage;
  • now, the sight does not obscure the field vision when aiming.

IWI Galil ACE 23:

  • increased head damage multiplier (from 4,8 to 6).

K&M Arms M17:

  • increased head damage multiplier (from 5,8 to 6).

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3:

  • increased damage (from 720 and 728 to 780 and 792 for the regular and golden versions);
  • decreased rate of fire (from 210 and 215 to 190 and 195 for the regular and golden versions);
  • reduced damage of each pellet (from 90 and 91 to 65 and 66 for the regular and golden versions);
  • increased the overall pellet amount (from 8 to 12);
  • decreased firing range (from 7 to 6,2);
  • decreased minimal damage (from 42 to 30);
  • increased accuracy (from 61 and 66 to 62 and 67 off hip and in the ADS mode).


  • increased damage of each pellet (from 31,5 to 42);
  • decreased the overall pellet amount (from 12 to 9).

V3 TAC-13:

  • increased damage (from 700 to 768);
  • increased damage of each pellet (from 50 to 64);
  • increased the minimal damage of the pellets (from 25 to 28);
  • decreased the overall pellet amount (from 14 to 12).

SAR 109T Specs:

  • increased head damage multiplier (from 4,2 to 4,6);
  • increased damage reduction at distance (from 1,85 to 2,8);
  • increased the rate of fire (from 950 and 955 to 960 and 965 for the regular and golden versions);
  • changed the cahracteristics of the unique silencer:
    • reduced damage penalty (from 15% to 10%);
    • deactivated the boost to the effective firing range.


  • increased damage multipliers (from 5/1/1/1 to 5/1,14/1,24/1,24 head/body/arms/legs).

Buckled Lupara:

  • increased damage (from 600 to 603);
  • increased damage of each pellet (from 50 to 67);
  • decreased overall pellet amount (from 12 to 9).

H&K VP9 Match:

  • increased head damage multiplier (from 3,4 to 4).

Makarov Pistol:

  • increased head damage multiplier (from 3,75 to 4).

Rewards for Battles

In the previous updates, we changed the amount of XP and WF$ you get for some Special Operations. We continue tweaking the battle rewards — in this update, we have significantly increased PvP rewads and have adjusted the PvE ones.


Sound Changes

  • The firing sound of a number of weapon models has been leveled out. Earlier, the sound of some weapon models would stand out: it could have been either too loud or too quiet.
  • The sound fade out after the player's death has been adjusted. The voices of players and the narrator do not distort any more.
  • The grenade explosion sounds have been reworked. Now, they sound better at different distances.
  • Added additional sounds of interaction with the bomb, when a player grabs or throws it.
  • After the match, the surrounding sounds gradually fade out.

Weapons and Gear

  • Sniper "Agent Ghost": reworked the model of the hands in the first person view.


  • Scoreboard:
    • only Kills and Deaths are indicated in the K/D column;
    • players who play in stacks will now be highlighted.
  • Progression:
    • deleted the progression stages that granted access to the modes "Domination", "Battle Royale", and "Destruction". These modes are no longer available in the rotation;
    • added the possibility to review the contents of sets in the reward list.
  • Updated the appearance of the PvE mission section.
  • Ranked: now, the reward for advancing to a new league or division will be displayed on the match start screen.
  • Mod system: the strife speed mod has been removed from the game. Instead, there will be a sprint speed enhancing mod.
  • Changed the music theme of the match loading screen.
  • Updated the icons of boosts and resurrection coins.
  • Updated localisation: added some missing texts of in-game and item descriptions, fixed some inconsistencies.
  • Added a hint about the Escape hot-key to return to the previous screen.

Game Improvements

Rookie Training

The training missions have been relocated to the PvE section. Now, you can find the Basic course, the Medic and the Engineer training courses, and the final Solo Mission within the same space. As a reward for completing all stages, you will receive 100 resurrection coins. 


  • Image auto-aliasing: changed the algorithms and added the option to pick new ones in the graphics settings.
  • Upped the FPS limit to 1000.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some reasons for client crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the performance drop when using some weapon models with an AMD processor.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to use third-party software to kill enemies through walls.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to use third-party software to create visual and sound effects for shots during a match.

Weapons and Gear

  • Fixed a bug, due to which the attachments installed on the weapons would sometimes not save.
  • Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima: fixed a bug, due to which the system time on the weapon display looked blurry when shooting from the hip.
  • SAR 109T Specs:
    • changed the reload animation speed to match with the actual reload speed;
    • fixed a bug, due to which bullets would fly below the crosshair in the ADS mode.
  • Hidden War H&K MP5 Special: fixed a bug, due to which the sight lens could sometimes be blurry at certain graphics settings.
  • Desert Tech MDRX: fixed a bug, due to which the shells would not come out of the weapon while shooting.
  • KH9-EX: fixed a bug, due to which the display on the unique sight was displayed incorrectly in the third person view.
  • SED's machine guns: fixed a bug, due to which the weapon cool down time would reset after a melee hit.
  • Colt Python Elite: fixed a bug, due to which the bullet would fly to the left of the crosshair with an installed scope.
  • TEC-9 (versions "Guardian" and "Great Gatsby"): fixed a bug, due to which the weapon had an incorrect rarity.
  • Buckled Lupara:
    • fixed a bug, due to which at high graphics settings, three shells would come out of the weapon when reloading;
    • fixed a bug, due to which the weapon had incorrect animations of some actions.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which it was possible to assign aiming and scope changing to the same key.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the displays on unique sights would not be displayed, and the sight of the Barrett M82A1 would work incorrectly.

PvE and SO

  • Heist: fixed a bug, due to which the building was missing one glass window and the player could fall through that spot when climbing up the rope.


  • Scoreboard: fixed a bug, due to which, sometimes, an incorrect amount of captured points in the "Storm" mode was displayed.
  • Battle Pass: fixed a bug, die to which it was impossible to upgrade the base premium after reaching level 50.
  • Contracts:
    • fixed a bug, due to which upon finishing the task for Kredits, the currency would sometimes be withdrawn twice;
    • fixed a bug, due to which regular contracts would disappear from the list during a cooldown between activations.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the player model would sometimes not be seen thought transparent objects.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the eyes animation of motionless characters would work incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which the mini-map would not rotate when sliding.

Known Issues

  • The sprint speed enhancing mod does not work correctly. We are working on the issue and will fix it in one of the upcoming updates.
  • The "Spectre" gear only has two mod slots instead of three. The issue will be fixed it in one of the upcoming updates.
  • Localisation errors: incorrect texts, incorrect titles or their abscence.

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