how to launch warface

how to launch warface and keep on playing


Start the game via your usual GFACE launcher and pick "Migrate my European and North American accounts and get a welcome gift". Proceed by clicking "Continue" and "Accept".

This will automatically start the My.Com launcher.


Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the migration.

All your game data and progress will be safely transferred.


Enter the game and accept your transition gift!

Next time you can launch the game using the ‘Warface’ icon on your desktop.

If you have a Warface account but have deleted the GFACE launcher, you need to download it again to start the process.

If you do not have a Warface account yet, create it using this link.

gifts for everyone!UPON TRANSITION TO MY.COM

McMillan CS5 «Магма»
Earth Shaker Miller AP6
ACR CQB «Магма»
Earth Shaker CCR CQB
SIX12 «Магма»
Earth Shaker Accuracy SEVEN
Type 97 «Магма»
Earth Shaker T27
Кукри-мачете «Магма»
Earth Shaker Kukri Machete
Glock 18C «Магма»
Earth Shaker S18G

Every player who finished the transition process will receive a welcome gift on their first login to the game! It includes:

A full 6 piece set of epic Earth-Shaker weapons!

  • Earth Shaker Miller AP6;
  • Earth Shaker CCR CQB;
  • Earth Shaker Accuracy SEVEN;
  • Earth Shaker T27;
  • Earth Shaker Kukri Machete;
  • Earth Shaker S18G.


extra Warface $
extra XP
extra Vendor Points

about my.com20+ games and apps worldwide

As was recently announced by Crytek, My.Com will be taking over as the publisher of first-person shooter game Warface in Europe and North America from February 2017 onward., a global game publisher which focuses on North America and Europe with offices in Amsterdam (NL) and San Jose (US), is a long-term partner of Crytek. Its portfolio includes high profile online games such as Revelation Online, Armored Warfare, and Skyforge.

This new partnership will allow Crytek to focus on the development aspect while bringing more content and updates to Warface, which will in turn bring more opportunities for fans and players of the game alike. My.Com will be focused on publishing the game.

My.Com Team is excited to welcome all Warface fans and will make sure they get the best gameplay experience possible.



Q: Does transition mean server wipe?
A: Absolutely not. You will keep all characters, items and progress as well as Kredits and warface dollars on the transferred account.
Q: Does transition mean a change of developer too?
A: No, Crytek will proceed with developing Warface.
Q: How many accounts can I transfer?
A: You can transfer as many accounts as you want.
Q: How do I migrate if I play on Steam?
A: Please see the detailed instruction here.

For more information please see our full Transition FAQ here.