About Warface

Unlimited freedom for a true warrior!


In Warface you will fight all over the world from ultra-modern megalopolises to untamed wilderness.

Versus mode

Warface and Blackwood go up against each other in intense Versus match-ups. Explore the variety of match modes: capture, storm, plant the bomb and many more! Teamwork is a key to victory.

Co-op missions

Team up with other players to participate in an important mission in the 'hot spot', complete objectives and eliminate enemy soldiers and war robots.


Achieve perfection by playing a key role within the team!



The Engineer is a close-range combat and sabotage specialist. His main weapon is a compact and quick SMG. The Engineer must keep away from open spaces to avoid Sniper's bullets.

The Engineer is also very skillful with explosives and can plant or defuse bombs faster than other players. His mines are motion-triggered and deal a whole lot of damage and can kill an enemy not wearing protective gear. And finally, Engineers can restore both their own and their teammates' armor.


Their primary weapon is an assault rifle, which can sustain injuries to their enemies with their mid-to-long-range firepower.

Being matched by the ability to throw a variety of different grenade types and use machine guns makes the Rifleman a versatile asset.

These soldiers also have the unique ability to carry ammo packs, allowing them to replenish ammo for themselves and their teammates – a quality that is especially important in long cooperative missions.


The Sniper has no special abilities but he is the only unit that can hit the target from a very long distance. His primary objective is to locate and eliminate the most dangerous targets - enemy snipers and machine gun operators. He is armed with a semi-automatic and a bolt-action sniper rifle.

The semi-automatic can fire quick shots and work best for a sniper who likes to change positions. The bolt-action sniper rifle deals a massive amount of damage even from the longest distance.


This is the traditional "healer" class, providing a pivotal support role in any battle. Medics are capable of healing both themselves and their teammates by using their Med Kit, but can also revive fallen soldiers with a defibrillator. A skillful Medic can support the whole team throughout a difficult mission.

As well as restoring the health of those on their side, Medic's carry a shotgun that ensures enemies they encounter at close range are unlikely to be pleased with their presence.


Cryengine - powered by next generation 3D graphics


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